Advisory Board


Dee Wilson

Director of Child Welfare Service in the Knowledge Management, Case Family Programs
Dee Wilson worked for the public child welfare agency in Washington State from 1978 - 2004 in a variety of positions including CPS social worker, supervisor, area administrator, training director and regional administrator. After leaving the Children's Administration in 2004, Wilson was Director of the Northwest Institute for Children and Families at the University of Washington School of Social Work from 2005-2008 and then was director of child welfare training in the UW-SSW through 2009.  Wilson is currently Director of Child Welfare Services in the Knowledge Management section of Casey Family Programs.  Dee Wilson speaks and writes on a wide range of child welfare issues including neglect, risk and safety, substance abuse and reunification, foster care outcomes, critical thinking and child welfare management. [from Sounding Board http://deewilson.wordpress.com ]

Gia McKinzie, MSW

I started my career in 1979 working for YMCA Youth Shelter, working with youth in crisis. I earned my BSW in 1982. I worked in a number group home residential settings for the first five years of my career. I was hired by the State of Washington in 1985 as a Protective Services social worker. I became a supervisor in 1995 and in 1999 I was hired in as the Section Manager for the statewide Division of Licensed Resources Child Protection program. This section is responsible for investigating allegations of abuse and neglect in licensed facilities. In 2000, I was hired in to the position of Office Chief for Licensed Resources. I returned to regional work in 2001 as Area Administrator for the Everett Field Office. I have held a variety of Administrative positions and worked as a consultatant for DLR and Risk Management. After a position as Area Administrator of the Kent field office, in 2009, I was appointed to DLR as Area Administrator for King County. I joined IFCA as an Advisory Board Member in 2013. In August of 2014, I retired after 28 years with the State of Washington. Recently I have moved to the Boulder Area in Colorado State. I remain committed to the vision and goals of IFCA.

Luis Galvan

Supervisor, King County CASA Program
"In no particular order, Luis Galvan identifies as a social worker, former foster youth, mixed-race, a queer-identified transgender man, a gardener, a partner and a die-hard West Seattle-ite.  He has worked in child welfare for over two decades, primarily in Indian Child Welfare. He is honored to be on the advisory board of IFCA."

Larry Nelson

Social Worker, Office of Indian Child Welfare, Washington State Department of Social and Health Services
I am a social worker for Child and Family Welfare Services at the office on Indian Child Welfare in Seattle.  I have held this position for 19 years.  I have chosen to remain a field worker, rather than move up the "ladder", as I truly enjoy working directly with children and their families and communities.  I was also a social worker in Alaska for about 9 years, working in a small town and also flying around to villages and camps.  I have also worked in a youth group home in Alaska, a homeless shelter in Seattle, and many other jobs.  I have travelled throughout the world, and feel that in a way all of our work is international, as most of the issues we face are faced by people throughout the world, and we can learn much from each other, both through successes and mistakes.  I feel blessed to be paid to spend time with children and families and communities.   

Carlos Collard

Carlos Collard is a former Los Angeles County foster youth and first generation college graduate. At UCLA, he earned degrees in political science and communications and was resourceful and entrepreneurial to pay his way through college and gain a variety of leadership experiences. Due to his desire to impact local communities, Carlos has spent most of his professional life in public service and currently works for the City of Santa Monica. While pursuing this career path, he founded the City of Los Angeles’ South Robertson Neighborhoods Council (SORO NC) within his residential area and served as the City of Los Angeles’ youngest-ever neighborhood council president (a system of nearly 100 councils citywide). He has also been appointed to commissions by a former Los Angeles mayor and Los Angeles city councilmember. Supporting foster youth is Carlos’ life cause, and he has volunteered with a variety of organizations. He supports UCLA’s Bruin Guardian Scholars and is a current board member and former board president of California Youth Connection (CYC). In 2016, he helped launch the first youth advocacy roundtable between CYC and IFCA in Oakland, California and led members of IFCA’s Japan and U.S. teams on a walking tour of San Francisco. Carlos loves cultural experiences and has traveled to over 30 countries.

Jeannie Kee

Jeannie Kee grew up in Seattle, and is an alumnae of the WA state foster care system. Her life experiences lead her to become a passionate advocate for foster care reform by influencing policy and practice improvements in WA state, nationally, and now internationally. Jeannie is the alumni representative on the WA State Supreme Court Commission on Children in Foster Care and Chair of a workgroup appointed by the Supreme Court. She also serves as an Advisor for Passion to Action, Amara, and in the past the Mockingbird Society. She role models and mentors alumni and youth in her community, too. Jeannie is a graduate of the Evergreen State College. She is very honored to join the IFCA team as an advisory board member.


Hiromichi Kinouchi

Born in Ibaraki Prefecture. In 1972, entered Gakusei Engokai Co., Ltd. Worked as an editor of recruiting magazines and a representative for the company's advertising department. Left this company in 2007. Received a foster parent license in 1992. Since then, I have been working as a foster parent as well as an active member of the Chiba Prefecture Foster Parent Association. Currently, I am the vice president of the nonprofit organization, National Foster Parent Association, and edit the association's magazine “Satooya Dayori". I am also a committee member of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's Social Security Commission, and the board president of the Chiba Prefecture Foster Parent Association.

Hiroe Izumi

In 2003, graduated with Doctor of Arts from Chiba University. From 2003 to 2005, worked as a research fellow at the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. From 2005 to 2007, worked as a principal researcher at the Hyogo Earthquake Memorial 21st Century Research Institute. After being an assistant professor at Japan Women's University for 6 years, in 2014, became an associate professor of the Intgegrated Arts and Social Studies at this university. Board member of the Anne Funds Project, a nonprofit organization that supports foster parents and foster children. Author of the book “What is Foster Care?" [Keiso-shobo, 2006] 

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