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"$20 buys a youth a day pass to travel around Tokyo on the subway; $50 pays for a member of the alumni team's meals for a day; $100 pays for a member's transportation from Tokyo to Kansai; $150 pays for a team-building dinner; and $1000 pays for a round-trip airline ticket between Tokyo and Seattle.
"One of the most powerful things that I saw in Japan was how our diverse experiences, when paired with a common desire to see change and improvement in the foster care system, bridged cultural gaps and crossed oceans. From that true collaboration and a willingness to be authentic and transparent, I think we all saw something pretty amazing. "
Janice 23 years old-Seattle, WA

Please Also Help Japanese Child Abuse Victims and Tsunami Disaster Affected Youth Receive Trauma Therapy From Qualified Therapists Trained by the IFCA-Sponsored TF-CBT Curriculum.

A $50 check from 10 supporters like you will give one Japanese counselor a 130-page manual and a 3-day intensive TF-CBT course, and follow-up televised consultation by a certified American trainer and a clinically-experienced interpreter.
With a $100 donation, you will receive 2 very special full color publications authored by IFCA's alumni team members and other child welfare specialists delivered to your door. (Available in both English and Japanese)


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