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Connecting Youth, Caregivers, and Professionals Overseas

IFCA's Mission

A small, but energetic nonprofit organization has started. Just like its name "International Foster Care Alliance", this NPO intends to create opportunities for the United States and Japan to engage in discussions and activities to better the child welfare system.

IFCA has projects in 3 areas

We are dedicated to serve Youth/Alumni, Caregivers and Professionals.


Children who are growing up in foster homes and kinship/group care, and youth and alumni who are aging out of foster care.


People who are taking care of children such as foster parents, and kinship caregivers.


People who are working in the field of child welfare.

This international organization has 2 goals:

  • 1
    To create a venue for both countries’ current foster youth and foster care alumni to express their voices and to connect with one another.
  • 2
    To generate opportunities for both countries' caregivers and child welfare professionals to exchange ideas to better the system of protecting our children.
My Voice Our Story - The world's first bilingual blog by foster youth in Japan and the United States
The world's first bilingual blog by foster youth
in Japan and the United States

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